Jiri Capek

founder and creator of the KODA magnetic ball track

Jiri Capek graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology. After graduating from school, he completed internships abroad and an MBA program at Nottingham Trent University. He also gained experience in the field of information technology and service quality management department. Then he returned to the engineering industry, where he feels best. In addition to the production of the KODA cubes track (KOstičková DráhA in Czech), he works in the management of engineering companies.

It all started at the beginning of 2018, when Jiri Capek wanted to buy a 3D printer, and then he realized that the ball track is an ideal product for 3D printing. The turning point in the development came in 2019, when the then eight-year-old daughter of Jiri Capek said that it is necessary for the cubes to be held together by the force of magnets. Together with her daughter, they consulted on the design of the cubes, and then together came to the final form of the KODA magnetic ball track, which meets strict European standards for toys and can thus be sold worldwide. Because no one has used the same solution yet, they patented it, as did the cubes design.

Jiri Capek's long-term goal is for KODA to become a world-famous brand that children and adults can play with on all continents, and at the same time spread the good name of the Czech Republic around the world. In the future, he plans to expand the selection of cubes, adding colors, different sizes and shapes inside the cubes.


In his free time, Jiri Capek enjoys sailing or anchoring in bays at sea on a boat as a captain. When he is not navigating rough waters, he flies in a helicopter as a pilot in training.

Themes for Jiri Capek

- 3D printing technology

- the idea and process of creating KODA cubes

- circular economy

- use of advanced materials in manufacturing