How the KODA magnetic ball track came into being

The first idea for the production of a ball track using 3D printing arose at the end of 2018.

When the production of prototypes was launched, it turned out that it would not be as easy as it initially seemed. The cubes did not follow each other properly and the track was not stable overall. It was necessary to solve the problems with the stability of the track.

Many prototypes and types of cubes were made and many design modifications were made until we were reasonably satisfied with the design quality and compatibility of the cubes. But track stability has still not been resolved.

Then, an eight-year-old daughter at the time, came up with the idea, to put magnets in the cubes! It's easy to say, but how to do it? In order to make it from a single piece of material and to maintain the simplicity and safety of the product, were no glued and screwed joints present and there was no risk of the magnets falling out? After several weeks of thinking and subsequent testing, we found a solution. And not just any, according to a search by a patent attorney, the solution we have so far no one has used in a similar product and it has not been published yet, so we patented it.

Prague | 2.2.2021 | Jiri Capek

The following video shows the 1st generation of cubes, which are no longer produced. The current generation has received slight design modifications, a new, more environmentally friendly and less bulky box, made of recycled paper, and new manual.