What could not be produced in the past, is possible today, thanks to 3D printing

By using 3D printing, ideas can be translated into real products much faster than in the past. The KODA magnetic cubes ball track is one example. It is equipped with a unique 8M-Tronic® magnetic system, which ensures the stability of the track when playing.

KODA cubes cannot be made using conventional technology, such as high pressure casting and machining, due to the shapes and magnets inside. It is produced with almost zero production waste, made of biodegradable material, and using a fraction of the energy required to produce it in a conventional manner, all is a great benefit for the environment and greenhouse gas emissions, especially CO2.

The internal structure is light and very strong. This brings more safety, and it also brings a lifetime warranty on the product.

It is becoming a rule, that children and adults build the ball track in a way, we did not intend, and the track still works. This is a pleasant reward for us.

Prague | 23.12.2020 | Jiri Capek